Showerheads, Toilets, and Urinals Rebates

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Shower heads

Save water and get a $10 rebate by replacing your existing showerhead with a WaterSense approved showered. 

List of WaterSense Approved Showerheads

High-Efficiency Toilets

Toilets can account for more than 30 percent of indoor residential water use. A great way to save water is to install a high-efficiency toilet, which uses 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Rebates of $100 per toilet are available when you switch out old high-flow toilets, and these rebates apply to both residential and commercial customers. $50 rebates are available for conversion from low-flow (1.6 gallon-per flush) toilets to high-efficiency toilets.


Conversion of urinals to a one pint or waterless urinal will qualify for a $75 rebate. In addition, installation of waterless or one pint urinals in new construction also qualify for the rebate.

How to Apply?

Print out the Toilet Rebate Program Form (1.4MB PDF), Urinal Rebate Program Form (1MB PDF), orShowerhead Rebate Program Form (1.3MB PDF) complete it and mail it. A licensed plumber must certify the application, even if you have installed the toilet yourself.